Rihanna is dub by millennials as the muse representative for Fly or LIT, she is everything to fashion. Her understanding of fashion is a goldmine for FENTY PUMA and they are humbled by it….this is why their collaboration works so well.     

In 2014, Rihanna gave the very first blueprint into masterminding how-to navigate what’s hot in fashion. During the CFDA awards, Anna Wintour presented Rihanna with the 2014 Fashion Icon Award. 

Rihanna explained to the world why she is “unbeatable” (our interpretation) when it comes to always being the best dressed in the room by revealing, “Even as a child I remember thinking, She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.

Rihanna FENTY PUMA Impact

Now this truly belongs on a Merch tee! 

“She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.” – Rihanna

Just imagine how many of these tees in black and white would sell out in a luxury clothing shop?! 

All luxury brands can achieve success by working with influencers to improve on creativity enhancements. This is often the most overlooked factor when creating brand ambassador relationships.

Hire A Creative Director  

Just as PUMA hired Rihanna as their creative director, every luxury brand could benefit from working with influential experts. At MC Mosnar Communications we work with luxury brands and luxury agencies representing brands by offering creative consulting services. Our expertise in influencer luxury digital marketing can assist with creativity implementation to drive results. 

Only Rihanna would know just to Work, Cara Delevigne in this campaign for  FENTY PUMA…

On an earnings call in late April, Puma’s CEO Björn Gulden revealed that the brand is surging, reporting a net income increase of 92% for the quarter. These results marked the continuation of an upwards trend that began soon after Rihanna came aboard; Puma’s share price has climbed nearly €200 since her role was announced, and she appeared to drive sales almost immediately. 

The Fenty x Puma creeper was voted best shoe of the year by industry bible Footwear News! 

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