Kids lifestyle shopping by curating influence is the new “It” factor in luxury marketing. If you target the kids marketplace curating is where you want to immediately shift your focus efforts. Well, that is if you want to sell more merchandise centered around kids lifestyle! 

What’s the big deal with kids clothes anyway? 

It’s a very big deal…considering the last five years, growth for childrenswear has out performed  that of both menswear and womenswear. Where the children’s wear industry is estimated to be worth as much as  $173.6 billion dollars! No kiddie business anymore. 

Kids Lifestyle Shopping Curating Influence 

These are digital platforms “mastering techniques” for kids lifestyle shopping by curating stories that influence buying power. 

Follow the adorable London Scout (age 4) with her mom Sai De Silva around New York City! This mommy and me duo first captured fame for being bloggers highlighting their curly hair!

Attracting a large following on social media (especially Instagram), they are kids lifestyle shopping influence pros already having worked with some big name brands. Just to spotlight a few, Scout The City worked with Stella McCartney Kids, Kardashian Kids (clothing line), Guess Kids, Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, Toys”R”Us and many more! 

Founder Inspiration, Charm herself pictured above! 

Chic combination for curating styling kids lifestyle to purchase clothes online and book family travel hotel experiences.

Curating online stories to shop is a digital advantage in the marketplace. CharmPosh produces content that connects kids lifestyle for upscale living, with some cool mom finds. Creating an envy ambience where parents don’t care about pricing, they just want to gain access to buy immediately before the item is sold out. As the curator CharmPosh selects what’s trendy among kids lifestyle for clothing items must haves. Implementing data science research and their own database of members to provide parents with the best offers. 

The site is now celebrating 9 years with an anniversary in June, where their secret insider email database is approaching 200,000 members. A rise in digital interest for curating stories to shop from online businesses is driving the success of the site. Creating an influential value outside of social media that’s shifting to online for selling kids clothes.

In addition to curating about clothes, CharmPosh also provides an online travel portal of hotels for instant bookings, family vacation packages with airline tickets and rental cars. Curating stories about family vacation hotels is also a very popularly feature from CharmPosh as well. 

Maisonette is a British term for a self-contained living space or apartment. It is usually part of a larger house, extends over two stories and has its own entrance. Hinting that the site is an all-in-one stop shop.

Maisonette the site is dub the disruptive way for shopping online for kids clothes and lifestyle essentials. They offer solutions to shop by brand, shop by boutique or shop by story. Their kids lifestyle shopping curating influence is electric, it’s one magical place to shop for amazing children’s luxury brands and independent boutiques all in one space. Shopping the site offers special pieces for best in kids clothing, furniture, decor, or toys.

Maisonette has the highest blessings from  Vogue calling Maisonette: The New Go-To for Stylish Kids Clothing, in a highlighted feature article Meet the Friends, Former Coworkers, and Mothers Founding the Net-a-Porter for Kids

Curating for kids lifestyle shopping influence is here to stay and beyond.

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