United Arab Emirates is the ultimate big winner for scoring an “organic luxury brand Ambassador review” from digital media mega-star Casey Neistat.  Who was not paid by United Arab Emirates for his own review.

This was not only a win-win for Neistat and Emirates United Arab Emirates but Google’s YouTube as well. Neistat released his video on the YouTube digital platform that was reviewed well over 24 million times since being published on September 19th, 2016.

Now luxury brands have valid proof that they should focus more on teaming with luxury digital platforms.

Organic Luxury Brand Ambassador Review

The plane ticket was over $21,000 and provided a lavish review of luxury accommodations. Giving an insider review for what to expect when you upgrade yourself to luxury travel accommodations.

No question the success of Neistat’s video also proves how powerful digital media promotions really are and how far it can reach.


Instead of Neistat himself blowing $21,000.00 on traditional paid advertising, he re-invested in a digital marketing storytelling experience. He now has over 5.6 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and is monetizing with ads.

Neistat just took his digital marketing resume to new levels, congrats!  

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