If you want to move luxury fashion you might be overlooking the best platform to make it happen. Amazon is so much more than many people might think when it comes to selling upscale fashion…Luxury brands for some reason just still don’t get the value of the Amazon marketplace. This presents a golden entry opportunity into online commerce that is gearing up to be the largest fashion retailer in the world. For emerging luxury brands getting in now means claiming real estate position from the one company that understands global online retail as a pioneer better than anybody else in the business.

Why is Amazon such a big player in the luxury fashion industry? Despite many requests from public outcry for them to give their platform an overhaul to attract luxury brands and represent a more luxurious look…They have still yet to do this.

Sell Luxury Fashion On Amazon

Sell Luxury Fashion On Amazon Mosnar Communications

The company made some major power moves to position themselves as a luxury fashion retailer. However, one big mistake that Amazon is making is that they are forgetting to brand themselves as a luxury fashion retailer. For instance it’s no question to any consumer that Apple is known for luxury and even considered to be a luxury brand.

For a luxury focused fashion brand this is where partnering with Amazon can produce “get rich” revenue in the marketplace. Taking the lead for branding and marketing highlighting the platform as a leading luxury fashion retailer. In short, focus on branding this message better than Amazon is doing.

According to Digiday.com these are the moves Amazon did to take over the online fashion world:

First, Amazon acquired e-commerce site Shopbop in 2006, then online footwear and clothing retailer Zappos in 2009.

In 2011, Amazon launched privately owned flash-sale site MyHabit.

Amazon Fashion opened a photo studio in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn to shoot lifestyle-minded product images for its product offerings on its own site, Shopbop and MyHabit, in 2013.

Last year, Amazon Fashion sponsored the first New York Fashion Week: Men’s event, attaching itself to the CFDA-run series of fashion shows.

It is estimated that Amazon receives nearly over 90 million unique visitors each month! Visitors spend more than $80,000 a minute all day, every single day inside the platform. So why would you not want to setup your luxury fashion brand shop on Amazon.

Top Branding Secrets

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Luxury Brand Image

Make sure to present a luxury brand image for your fashion retail business. Display a professionally designed logo and brand awareness packaging. For example have labels with logo and brand slogan to identify your selling position in the high-end fashion marketplace. Provide a URL to your website to learn more about the business and other ways to engage with the brand using social media platforms.

Select  Selling Plans

There are two selling plans available to Marketplace sellers: Individual, for smaller sellers with only a few items to offer; and Professional, for experienced and volume sellers. Sellers can switch their selling plan in the Settings area of their seller account. Individual sellers are on a pay-as-you-go system and use a basic set of tools for listing and order management. While Professional sellers pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.99, they also receive a waiver of the $0.99 fixed closing fee for each order and can access additional tools for listing inventory and managing orders. The table below illustrates these differences.

Your subscription is renewed each month based on your initial registration date.

Professional sellers are charged a monthly subscription fee of $39.99. The subscription fee will be debited from your Payments account on each monthly renewal date. You can see the monthly subscription fee in the Payments pages of your seller account.

There is no monthly fee if you have an Individual selling plan. You will only pay fees when sales are completed. However, since we treat each plan as a renewable monthly subscription, you will see a monthly subscription line item in the Payments page of your seller account for the amount of $0.00.

Upscale Unique Listings

Pro Merchant subscriptions are allowed unique listings in the marketplace. There is less competition on Amazon for luxury fashions and many luxury brands are not selling luxury goods on Amazon which is a good thing for you. With unique listings when there is less competition on Amazon for upscale fashion goods you can offer items for a higher margin and get a better return.

Build V.I.P Marketing 

Whenever a retailer sells an item inside the Amazon Marketplace the consumer is an Amazon customer. Which grants you as the retailer a V.I.P marketing opening to communicate withe the consumer as your customer. For example offer the consumer a V.I.P Savings Discount on their next purchase. Continue to treat the consumer like a V.I.P customer which represents luxury brand engagement. If the consumer purchases a certain amount of merchandise grant certain V.I.P Savings Discount recognition.

Promote Fashion Trends 

Influence more consumers to buy fashion from you by engaging with them outside of the Amazon Marketplace. Focus on press releases and content marketing engagement as well as social media platforms. Seek to inform consumers over trying to sell them outside of the Amazon Marketplace so when they are ready to buy it will be “your offer” they seek first inside the Amazon Marketplace! Distribute press releases on top seasonal fashion must haves and hottest trends. Promote content marketing and curate data using video, images, and so on in social media networks.

If you would like luxury consulting for winning solutions to engage a fashion retail brand on the Amazon Marketplace please contact postmaster@mosnarcommunications.com in confidence monthly rates start at $2,250.00. 

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