Are you struggling to sell luxury goods products and services? The problem is likely your branding approach for understanding rich buying habits. When we consult luxury car brands, realtors, boutiques, businesses, etc the key to solving their biggest revenue problems is first educating them on why rich people spend money on luxury goods….Which has less to do with because they love to live lavish and large (that’s only poor people with no real liquid cash or assets trying to look rich). The main reason wealthy people buy has more to do with their lifestyle awareness needs over extravagant representation as viewed by the world.

It is revealed that the average value of a millionaire’s car is only $22,500 and 37% of millionaires buy used cars….hence maybe lining up some modest affordable luxury cars like Honda, Toyota, and Acura at that next grand opening or private exclusive event. If you must have only luxury cars go with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class out front first because this is the top luxury car for the majority of wealthy people who opt to buy outside their 22k budgets….no worries the super luxury SUV cars can be hidden inside a white tent and require a time slot and expert attendant to give an overview. Keep in mind luxury car events must be engaging and informative.

Branding Luxury

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Seriously, we once assisted a super luxury car brand with selling more luxury cars buy including affordable luxury cars in their content media strategy! When you serve your audience by informing at the same time while educating them, you can create an immediate demand in the marketplace…

To understand why a rich billionaire will buy outrageous luxury mansions, cars, gadgets and so on you must be innovative in entering a connection to influence their lifestyle. Shockingly, the lifestyle awareness demands for super rich individuals are very similar to average millionaires. Where millionaires in the $2.5 to $5 million dollar range are more guarded when it comes to spending habits. However, billionaires are not these big wasteful spenders like the media will have you to believe. Also another reason why you can’t get super rich people to buy ultra luxury goods, your pitch advertising is totally all wrong!

The art of selling luxury to super rich has more to do with packaging customization. It’s easier to package luxury to sell super rich people in a box than to fake rich pretenders. The most dangerous consumer for a luxury brand is one who purchases luxury goods that they can’t afford. The backlash impacts economy, sustainability, credibility and so much more…Please don’t shift here, stop to recruit brand management consulting techniques to target the right audiences. Luxury brands missed this over the last three years as a result luxury goods revenue is on the decline.

Branding Luxury To Super Rich Mosnar Communications

These are some strategies that will capture the attention of ultra wealthy individuals, especially if you would like for them to buy luxury goods from you:

Early Start Call To Action – Most rich people have a forceful habit to get up early! Are you trying to sell them a house? Prepare a custom book of early morning best things to do in the area. Include jogging trails, nearby coffee shops, yoga spots, juice bars, meditation areas…go all out map a list of the most amazing morning activates to do inside the house you would like for them to buy. So in a sense you are not selling them, now you become an influential informative resource guide. Package the information put it in a beautiful box gifting it to the potential wealthy buyer!

Setup Task Goals– it’s no secret that the majority of rich people love setting goals and staying on task. For them this is also like a job that they must practice at daily. That means they love to write in journals and read about self improvement. Like to have a rich person purchase a luxury car from you? Why not create a custom journal sponsored by the luxury car brand you would like to sell? Inside should be blank pages for writing but also feature lifestyle pictures of the car brand and make the journal big plus luxurious. Don’t try to sell the luxury car inside the journal allow the images to enforce lifestyle awareness.

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Provide V.I.P Membership – Rich people view their time as invaluable. So the more time you can spare them the more they will appreciate your sells approach. Through a V.I.P membership you can build a relationship for organic influence over promotional incentives. For instance you may customize and package a booklet featuring exclusive content and tips. An upscale fashion boutique owner could provide seasonal fashion tips to their best customers.

While everyone is so very social media and  online focused. Luxury is still a lifestyle emotional connection purchase. The more stuff our clients can package pretty in a box and deliver to potential rich clients to buy produces superior return results to sell more luxury goods!

Did you find this information helpful? Consider hiring us to assist with brand management consulting to reveal the best creative and innovative solutions to sell more luxury goods for your business model! Please contact in confidence.

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