Signature is a new luxury brand of super-premium kitchen appliances developed by global appliance leader LG Electronics but marketed separately from the LG brand.  Your kitchen is where life happens. It’s a stage where you put on your best performances, creating cuisine, memories and impressions. It’s a canvas where you make your personal statements, each day. Thus, we designed our Signature Kitchen Suite to embody the excitement, style and personalization that you and your family bring to the kitchen. From WIFI-enabled ovens to faster heating cooktops to more intelligently designed refrigerators, our elegant suite of innovative appliances not only serves your culinary demands, it enhances your total kitchen experience. The kitchen is indeed a magical place with endless possibilities. Signature kitchens bring those possibilities to life in the most extraordinary ways.

Signature Style House

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The Signature Style House experts include Lo Bosworth, founder of “The Lo Down” and certified chef; June Ambrose, author and celebrity fashion stylist; and Donald (“Drawbertson”) Robertson, renowned “pop” artist known for his wild and colorful drawings that have taken the fashion world by storm and been featured in collaborations with J. Crew, Smashbox and Bergdorf Goodman. Bosworth, Ambrose and Robertson have partnered with Signature Kitchen Suite to design their own “Signature” kitchens, demonstrating how these appliances create the perfect canvas to infuse personal style for a stunning, extraordinary kitchen experience.

Signature Kitchen Suite and fashion, art and culinary experts are showing the unexpected ways consumers can “make their mark” in the kitchen at the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, where the new line of super-premium home appliances was unveiled for the U.S. market.

The Signature Kitchen Suite brings modern innovation to the super-premium built-in appliances category, a segment of the market that has long been considered very traditional. The Signature Kitchen Suite delivers modern innovation and an experience like no other in service caliber, design, and product performance, appealing to the new modern, luxury consumer who is seeking high performance and premium design for something that is truly unique.

To celebrate the Signature Kitchen Suite brand launch, the brand commissioned a team of leading tastemakers across the fashion, art and culinary worlds to create the “Signature Style House.” These experts embody the motto of “making your mark in everything you do,” and they are leading their respective areas of expertise with bold thinking and innovative approaches – also key elements of the new Signature Kitchen Suite.

Customer service is paramount to the Signature Kitchen Suite brand. The Smart ThinQ™ system can send push notifications directly to the consumer via their mobile phone or tablet, alerting them immediately if any issues arise. Owners will also have their own dedicated Kitchen Concierge™ so they can get immediate assistant from someone who is knowledgeable and able to help them resolve any issue quickly.

The Signature Kitchen Suite marries premium and elegant design with advanced technology and superior customer service. Designed with expert craftsmanship, every edge of a Signature Kitchen Suite appliance has a seamless and sleek stainless steel finish combined with luxurious contours and bold, durable handles and knobs – taking kitchen design to the next level.

Signature Kitchen Suite  MosnarCommunications

Each appliance offers the best in technology innovations to help consumers become master chefs in their own kitchen. From WiFi-enabled ovens to faster heating stovetops, to more intelligently designed refrigerators, this elegant ensemble of innovative appliances serve not only homeowners’ culinary demands, but also enhance their total kitchen experience.

The full 2016 Signature Kitchen Suite lineup includes a counter-depth French door refrigerator, built-in side-by-side refrigerator, gas and electric slide-in ranges and cooktops, double wall oven, dishwasher and over-the-range microwave. Models include:

  • Signature Kitchen Suite 3-Door French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator: Model UPFXC2466S
  • Signature Kitchen Suite Built-in Side-by-Side Refrigerator: Model UPSXB2627S
  • Signature Kitchen Suite Slide-in Ranges and Cooktops: Models UPSG3014ST (Gas range), UPSE3024ST (Electric range), UPCG3054ST and UPCG3654ST (30- and 36-inch Gas cooktops, respectively), and UPCE3064ST and UPCE3664ST (30- and 36-inch Electric cooktops, respectively)
  • Signature Kitchen Suite Double Wall Oven: Model UPWD3034ST
  • Signature Kitchen Suite Dishwasher: Model UPDF9904ST
  • Signature Kitchen Suite Over-the-Range Microwave Oven: Model UPMC3084ST

The Signature Kitchen Suite will be introduced in the U.S. market in early 2016 and will initially be available at select Pacific Sales inSouthern California, with plans for a broader rollout later in the year.

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