So black hair magic has arrived at Valentino for their much anticipated spring/ summer and pre-fall 2016 collections. Certainly they did not disappoint by featuring natural hair as the highlight centerpiece in luxury brand campaigns. Even with criticism the Valentino white models are rocking the hottest African hairstyles. A movement in America among black females optioning to ditch hair weaves and extensions for wearing their natural hair locks.

The luxury brand not new to using African styles and cultural aesthetics for their campaigns only recently released an Africa inspired collection shot in Kenya with white models donning cornrows- a style synonymous with Africans.


Spring and Summer 2016

Valentino Spring Summer 2016 MosnarCommunications Headline 33

Valentino Spring 2016 Campaign MosnarCommunications 66

Valentino Spring Summer 2016 MosnarCommunications Main 2

Valentino has also faced a lot of criticism for appropriating “Bantu Knots” for their Pre-Fall 2016 campaign.

Valentino Pre Fall 2016 Campaign MosnarCommunications 444

However, being daring is what makes the Valentino luxury brand connect with audiences. We love it  #WhiteGirlsWearingNaturalHair ….

Valentino Luxury Brand Campaign MosnarCommunications Top Headline

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