When it comes to social media the rules are vastly different for luxury brands. Most emerging or even seasoned luxury brands don’t get the best return investment from their social media efforts. What’s important to understand is that networking online is not meant to be a direct promotional venue. This is the main reason why luxury brands are not winning when it comes to social media engagement.

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So, I decided to spill the beans on how social media stylist really create luxury brand engagement online. There are six simple rules to follow to capture superior brand awareness using social media. These rules are the building foundation to sell more luxury goods, products, and services. However, it takes focusing on data research science to have the best content marketing influences at the right moment.

Luxury Brands Only

I approach every social media campaign as a stylist and I want my client’s luxury brand to look sensational at all times. I want luxury media outlets talking about my client’s luxury brand. Also, seeking to build a fan base of loyal followers who love to endorse my client’s luxury brand. Together all these elements lead to my client selling more luxury goods, products, and services.

Stylist Rules

1. Image Publicity

Use of high resolution images that tell an innovative luxury brand story.

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2. Exclusive Lifestyle

Make lifestyle statements that represent exclusive limited offers.


3. Engagement Influence

Content marketing that engages and influence ultra wealthy individuals.


4. Brand Awareness

Force a call to action centered around the luxury brand promise.

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5. Product Education

Educate target audiences about the luxury brand’s features and benefits.


6. Loyalty Branding

Focus on the promise of the luxury brand to build credibility.

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The problem with your social media campaign is likely an simple fix. Adding luxury PR to social media campaigns can really increase sustainability for revenue earnings.  All it takes is creating innovative content marketing to target and attract the best matched ultra wealthy audiences.

If you would like assistance with promotions for a luxury brand please contact MosnarCommunications.com in confidence for a complimentary brand evaluation, send to Ann Lane via  ann@mosnarcommunications.com .