Tesla is making automotive service a game changer. It should come as no surprise that the luxury car brand who “changed the entire automotive industry” is making big problem solving moves again. Tesla is saving their customers time when it comes to servicing their vehicles.

Tesla is making it possible that 80% of repairs can be done outside of a Service Center. For 2017, the company added 350+ Mobile Service vans to their fleet and 40% increase in North America service coverage.

Tesla Automotive Service

Offering over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics, and the support of an Mobile Service technician. All of which helps to reduce their customer’s need to ever visit a Service Center. Tesla promises in the rare case that their cars require a shop visit, the service will be quick and seamless…and likely be completed before finishing a cup of coffee!

“How about that for valuing customer’s time?”

Tesla Automotive Service Game Changer 2 Mosnar Communications

Having Service Centers that are continuously connected to their headquarters. This allows for technicians and engineers to work together to identify and resolve issues in real time. Within hours updates can be made across an entire customer fleet.

Tesla is also working on developing new ways to self-improve. These better results can create a car that is constantly evolving and improving, allowing their customers to stay out of the shop and on the road.

Over-the-air Updates

Vehicle improvements through over-the-air software updates keep Tesla Service Center visits to a minimum.

Remote Diagnostics

90% of the time Tesla can remotely diagnose an issue and what is needed to repair it.


SmartAlerts will communicate what your car needs. It can walk you through a simple fix or connect you to the Tesla service team.

The future is looking even brighter for Tesla! Get excited with us.

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