Tesla is the digital marketing KING of luxury cars and the world for selling electric luxury cars online. They were able to come into a sleeping automotive industry that had not changed in well over 40 years. Disrupt the market place by changing the purchasing process for creating a demand to sell luxury electric cars all online.

There is nothing typical about Tesla (everybody wants one) or anyone who is somebody must own a Tesla Model S…This is where their dynamic digital marketing strategies come into play. The process to own a Tesla is superior, set by the highest standards all directed from digital attraction. There is no dealership for Tesla who like most luxury brands has stores, so the hassle is removed. Most dealerships will likely agree that they must do something to change their brand perception.



Right now Tesla has 17 stores worldwide that do sell their luxury electric cars. Their stores are located in luxury shopping districts where people regularly visit in a open-minded buying mood. They can also interact with potential customers.

Generally, to purchase a Tesla the process starts by booking a purchase online first. There is no visit to any dealership plus they only have 17 stores. By not having a dealership selling model Tesla is not competing with gasoline cars. Their buyers are coming direct online or in-store and have the only option of purchasing an electric car from them.

Tesla is not for the masses with a limited amount of luxury electric cars sold and mainly only through online transactions. The price of a Tesla is non-negotiable not ever open to discussion or modification.

There is no inventory for the most wanted car in the world “Tesla Model S” which is built to order. Even test driving a Tesla will cost you, usually requiring a $5k deposit and in many parts of the United States you will not be able to see or test drive the Tesla before making a full purchase even if you made a full deposit. Tesla has serious rules and restrictions about their purchasing practices. After all they did change the automotive industry rules after 40 years, so they should get to invent their own rules.

When it comes to accessing a Tesla it’s a waiting game. It could take months or even years to purchase a Tesla!

What makes owning a Tesla so special?

Tesla designs and manufactures the Model S electric sedan and the Model X electric SUV, and is taking reservations for Model 3.


You can claim ownership by designing your car at “My Tesla” online. Requiring online access by setting up an online account and providing “email marketing” data information. The Tesla Design Collection is a top pick for showing off self-actualization for ownership.

Online you are also able to visit the Tesla Find Us section to locate their Store and Galleries, Service Centers, Superchargers, and Destination Charging locations. 

Tesla was able to disrupt the luxury car industry by changing the game!

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