Ralph Lauren is the leader in digital marketing with an online market share of 19.2% over other top luxury brands. When it comes to online influence RL is setting the standard with their disruptive digital marketing strategies. Ralph Lauren is the third-largest branded apparel company “by revenue” in the United States.

How RL owns online influence is by investing in their marketing and advertising strategy, which plays an integral role in building their brand image.  RL  seems to focus on multiple channels in a large number of countries. For instance all of their advertising programs are actually created and even executed in-house. Where they have their own creative and advertising organization. This allows the brand to maintain consistency among all channels and countries for their presentation image.

Ralph Lauren


Did you know that Ralph Lauren invested tons in primary adverting in print. Making sure to appear in fashion, lifestyle, and general interest magazines is a direct target focus for their organization. They also focus on marketing their products of apparel and fashion companies through television, direct to consumer, and special events.

This year RL increasingly focused on digital and social media. Maybe this is why RL maintains their lead over other luxury brands online. Even edging the lead over Michael Kors 18.5%, Coach 12%, Louis Vuitton 9.5%, Gucci 5.3%, Chanel 4.2%, Burberry 4.1%, and Hermes 2.1% market shares online.

Where other luxury brands are lacking in focusing on digital marketing strategies RL invested tremendously in digital and social media. 

RL is always boosting their brand exposure and they do this by participating in the most  prestigious fashion shows. Always making their presence a really “BIG” deal for increased digital marketing exposure. Every year Ralph Lauren is one of the top anticipated fashion shows for New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion week.

RL has a brand persona for sports and they make sure to associate their brand exposure in sporting tournaments. Currently, RL is the official outfitter for all on-court officials including both Wimbledon and US Open tennis tournaments. The brand is always associated with doing good deeds in sports, RL is the official parade outfitter for the US Olympic and Paralympic Teams.

RalphLauren.com takes their online participation to a new level as a rich and exciting interactive destination. When you’re transported into the world of Ralph Lauren online, you can shop for great products for yourself and your home, learn about adventure, style and culture in RL Magazine and on RL TV, find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and exquisite gifts and much, much more.

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