Little Fresh Meat is the powerful influential term being used in digital  campaigns to drive revenue, targeting China’s younger generations. Where the younger crowd are much more tech-savvy and respond well to new “Little Fresh Meat” used in digital marketing campaigns as representatives for luxury brand ambassadors. 

Top Little Fresh Meat 

Meet the hottest “Little Fresh Meat” luxury brand ambassadors.

Luhan Representing L’Oreal

Luhan was born April 20, 1990, he is a popular Chinese singer and actor who was a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO, and its subgroup EXO-M. He is signed to S.M. Entertainment in South Korea and Avex Trax in Japan. 

Luhan Representing L’Occitane 

Yang Yang Representing Guerlain 

Naming the bright red lipstick after Yang Yang and placing a red lipstick mark on his cheek, once he became the brand ambassador in March 2016 was a major revenue driving factor. As the lipstick is frequently always sold out! 

Joker Xue Representing L’Occitane

L’Occitante increased their company’s online flagship revenue by as much as 70% percent. The luxury brand signed Joker Xue as their first brand ambassador in China last year promoting digital marketing campaigns for Singles’ Day and Valentine’s Day.

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