By the time a luxury brand or a luxury public relations firm representing a luxury brand contact us, the need to turn things around fast is a major rush.

Everyday our email in-box receives a flood of requests for “guest posting” to be featured on MC . Luxury brands are hoping that being featured on top luxury media sites and luxury blogs will generate revenue for selling luxury goods. However, guest posting is not the cure to generate revenue for luxury brands to sell more luxury goods, products, and services.

The very first thing that I ask a luxury brand is “what are they trying to achieve?” when contacting us. Which I receive the very same answer every time “we need to generate more revenue growth by selling more luxury products” and they want it done yesterday. Many times if they don’t turn things around some luxury brands will have to close their doors. The pressure is on and luxury brands are in need of marketing strategies to turn things around really fast to survive.

Marketing Strategies

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Not understanding how-to implement a marketing plan that works to generate revenue growth can cause major depression. China’s impact on luxury goods has resulted in confusion among market participants and concerns over a potential currency war have emerged once again. According to Bain, the number of Chinese with a net worth of at least 10 million Renminbi ($1.6 million) hit 1 million last year, double the number from four years ago. 1% is much less likely to cut back on spending.

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Social Media Marketing Strategies For Luxury Brands

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As the demand for PR firms focus shifts from newspapers to social media so will the need to build advertorial luxury media relationships. While luxury brands and luxury public relations agencies still understand the importance of content marketing, guest posting, and press releases. However, when it comes to marketing strategies that include advertorial services for luxury branding this powerful revenue generating force is being overlooked.

Advertorials differ from traditional advertisements in that they are designed to look like the articles that appear on MC and other leading luxury media platforms. Advertorials also known as native ads is the most effective solution for marketing strategies to grow luxury brands for capturing a demand call to action.

Ideally, call to action for advertorials will prompt luxury consumers to perform a certain act. This could be to purchase luxury goods, products, or services. Influence luxury consumers to visit a luxury retail store, download apps or PDF files, subscribe to monthly newsletters, donate to a cause and so on….

After releasing press releases even when using the best online press release distribution wire services. Luxury brands or luxury PR firms representing luxury brands still need to pitch luxury media outlets to receive publicity coverage. This is often a time consuming process and can be very expensive.

Guest posting and press releases are limited in terms of promotional efforts when it comes to branding for luxury brands. A guest post is intended to be informative and educational. Press releases are excellent for informing about newsworthy happenings and events (which it is still very important for luxury brands to deliver press releases). However, both can’t produce the promotional effects and call to action that superior advertorials can offer a luxury brand through innovative story telling to increase their bottom line.

For content marketing (very important part of branding for luxury brands) purpose is to deliver a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Intended with the purpose to ultimately drive profitable customer action. Creative advertorials matched to top luxury media solves this problem and more by capturing a demand call to action.

MC is a leader in public relations luxury media, delivering an exclusive database platform with over 150,000 luxury consumers and luxury professionals. When we create advertorials we do so is an advertisement in the form of editorial content. The method of using advertorials is the blend of “advertisement” and “editorial” promotions. When it comes to regular editorials versus using advertorials for marketing strategies the content approval of advertorials is allowed. Whereas with traditional editorials there is no approval of the story line concept or luxury brand identity. For this purpose advertorials are necessary branding elements for luxury promotions.

Learn more about our luxury branding with Advertorials.

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