Bond No. 9 Soho makes a powerful statement at the best time to sell luxury, which is right now! According to new data from Adobe that measures the digital US economy, right now is a good time to buy luxury products that aren’t necessities.

The Soho superstar bottle, with its mesmerizing black and white whirlpool swirls, is a stunning, high-energy visualization of the scent inside, but with an extra-added surprise: a removable matching elliptical hat, complete with swirls, perched smartly atop the cap.

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Bond No. 9 Soho will be on counter in the U.S. on September 15, and worldwide October 1.

Price: 100ml, $335; 50ml, $260.


Bond No. 9 Soho

New York-centric Bond No. 9 created a gender-free, fascinatingly distinctive, sillage-rich Soho scent. Its centerpiece, new to their repertory, is a savory, exuberant orange flower, hinted at by a fascinating trio of topnotes: sweet orange, lemony-green petitgrain, and syrupy cassis absolute. Jasmine and orris, orange flower’s heart-note cohorts, add sensuality. And then come the lingering basenotes: amber, musk, cedarwood, and—most intriguing of all—velvety oakmoss, always a beautiful compliment to orange flower.


Luxury Daily recently discussed five emerging trends in fragrance marketing strategy. Highlighting perfume gifts may be ubiquitous at Christmas but their marketing strategies are anything but. Revealing the five key trends emerging this year include:

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  1. Digital discoveries: consumer as celebrity – At the heart of the shift in how perfume brands cut through the clutter is the rising role of social media on consumers’ buying habits.
  2. Embrace the theatre of scent – For an industry that has been built upon emotion and sensory experiences, launching new and immersive pop-up experiences is key to better connecting with consumers.
  3. Marketing to Generation Me – In the post-recession era, promotions have become wallpaper to consumers bombarded by deals on a daily basis.
  4. Secret scents: return of exclusivity – The premium perfume market continues to thrive.
  5. Rise and rise of the sequel – Just as Hollywood has successfully minimized the risk of box-office disaster through a steady stream of re-works and sequels, smart perfume brands continue to grow their market share through new lines.

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