Breakfast at Google is so fab! The one thing that every luxury brand should do right now at this very moment should be to “excite” their digital marketing resume. There is no other place on earth greater than at “Google” to learn the perfect secret “action plan” funnel for digital marketing success…After all Google is king of digital search and beyond.  

Recently we had the pleasure of attending a Google Partners breakfast at Google Atlanta sponsored by ReachLocal that was sensational!! 

Breakfast At Google

Breakfast At Google Digital Marketing Mosnar Communications

Our take away that we learned were “three significant” areas where luxury brands should focus to drive business:

  • Digital 
  • Mobile
  • Reputation

Breakfast At Google Digital Marketing Mosnar Communications

If luxury brands want to improve their digital marking strategies to sell more luxury goods, follow these rules:  

Engage Awareness – First luxury brands must be there to capture awareness. That means being present where luxury shoppers are going to drive brand awareness engagement.

Influence Interest – Implement digital marketing campaigns and develop collaborations with influencers to drive interest in a luxury brand. Creating a influential demand to crave a luxury product or service.

Intent Innovation – There must be a clear intent innovation to create a desire when it comes to luxury products or services. 

Breakfast At Google Digital Marketing Mosnar Communications 55

Important factors to evaluate for Intent Innovation: 

  • Price Offer
  • Exclusivity and Accessibility 
  • Brand Value 
  • Mission and Purpose 
  • Call To Action 

Breakfast At Google Digital Marketing Mosnar Communications s

If your goal is to increase a digital marketing presence to drive revenue for a luxury brand, here is what you should do:

Website Promotions – Every luxury brand needs to make sure that their website is running for digital marketing superiority! 

This is beyond simply just creating a pretty website on “set it, forget it” autopilot. Luxury brands must “Engage Awareness” to be present where luxury shoppers are going to drive brand awareness engagement for website promotions.



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Email Marketing – It is vital to implement email marketing to capture leads and maintain consistent engagement awareness. Down the road SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging will be critical as mobile apps are now the most utilized platform by consumers. 


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SEO Focus – Search Engine Optimization should be a primary focus to enhance digital marketing efforts. The benefits are enormous to drive more website promotional traffic and generate targeted revenue earnings. 

Social Presence – Social Media is an excellent solution to increase brand awareness exposure. Make sure to properly engage by offering content that is relevant without being too promotional. Improve social presence with sponsored and organic content for the best results.

If luxury brands want to generate more digital revenue they will need to be present at the “Point-Of-Journey” throughout a luxury consumer search funnel.

This is why “Engagement Awareness” will prove to be the biggest ROI when it comes to enhancing a luxury digital marketing resume for 2017 and beyond to sustain.

Breakfast At Google Digital Marketing Mosnar Communications

Thank you to ReachLocal and Google Atlanta for this groundbreaking amazing breakfast conversation! 

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Breakfast At Google Digital Marketing Mosnar Communications

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