Luxury brands can increase revenue earnings immensely this holiday season! To benefit from creating a “Luxury Holiday Digital Gift Guide” luxury brands need to make sure they implement the “best strategies” to attract luxury shoppers. Luxury holiday digital gift guides are amazing for growing online revenue very fast. 

Would you love to strengthen the digital media presence for your luxury brand?? 

Do you find it a “constant struggle” to attract luxury consumers to your luxury brand website? 

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Luxury Holiday Digital Gift Guide Strategies


Launching a “Luxury Holiday Digital Gift Guide” is the ultimate solution to:

  • Increase digital media exposure for luxury brand awareness.
  • Present luxury offers as solutions to solve holiday gifting problems.
  • Target and attract luxury shoppers to a luxury brand website.
  • Increase revenue earnings by 60% or more participating in the biggest retail shopping event of the year! 

For “Black Friday” in 2015, United States online revenues amounted to $1.66 billion U.S. dollars, up from $1.5 billion U.S. dollars in the previous year. The holiday season in the United States usually begins around Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November) and ends right after New Year’s Eve.

The Rubicon Project reveals that the average person is planning on spending $1,175 U.S. dollars, which is up 12% from last year spending.

The purpose should be to create a Luxury Holiday Digital Gift Guide that will target and attract ideal luxury shoppers. Keep in mind that this also is the “best chance” to build relationships and lasting customer experiences, make it matter! 


Utilize the opportunity to get innovative and creative by showcasing your best luxury goods, products, and services.

Luxury Shoppers To Target:

  • Men – Spending potential $1,360 on average.
  • Women – Spending potential $1,028 on average.


Biggest Spenders: 

  • Parents – Spending potential $1,700 on average and $495 per child allowance.
  • Millennials – Spending potential $1,427 on average and plan to shop mainly for apparel and accessories, video games and gift cards.

Best Luxury Holiday Digital Gift Guide Strategies 

Classify Luxury Gifts By Category – Make personalized categories for individuals by specific needs for their luxury lifestyle. This simplifies the luxury shopping process to make purchases with ease.

  • Luxury Gifts For Him
  • Luxury Gifts For Her
  • Luxury Gifts For Teens



Highlight Visual Details – Include high-resolution images for superior visual appeal. Present a visual image of what the luxury goods, products, or services will offer.

Feature On Company’s Website – It is best to host the Luxury Holiday Digital Gift Guide from your main company’s website. Driving traffic back to the company site.

 Choose A Top List – Decide on a certain number of luxury goods, products, and services to feature. Generally, between five and ten is a good number for creating a Luxury Holiday Digital Gift Guide list.

Engage Promote – It will be critical to promote your Luxury Holiday Digital Gift Guide everywhere! However, it will be best to engage promote over typical promotional blasts. Announce about your Luxury Holiday Digital Gift Guide on your blog and to email subscribers.

Best Tips: 

Receive mass digital media exposure by releasing a Luxury Press Release announcing about your Luxury Holiday Digital Gift Guide. When you distribute a Luxury Press Release on a credible influencer marketing PR platform for luxury brands this helps to engage promote for attracting luxury audiences.

Run social media campaigns with highly engaging visuals. Be sure to highlight varies personalized categories for individuals by specific needs for their luxury lifestyle.

  • Monday: Best Gifts For Rich Guys
  • Tuesday: 10 Gifts For Expensive Wives
  • Wednesday: Ultimate STEM Gift Holiday Guide For Tech Kids



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