Finally, gone are the days of no real talent Kardashian style brand ambassadors. Did luxury brands take new lessons in co-branding and now desire to work with a luxury brand ambassador that also delivers purpose for co-branding? We sure hope so and just maybe the social media culture of attracting followers must be driven with a purpose mission now too.

Having 1 million plus followers when not targeted with a “purpose target audience” adds nothing to influence engagement for selling more luxury goods.

What happens when the world’s most beloved luxury brand co-brands with a 26-year-old to represent their new Ombré line of leather apparel? As Xavier Dolan becomes the new face of luxury brand Louis Vuitton the rules for luxury brand ambassador engagement changes…forever and beyond.

Xavier Dolan For Louis Vuitton

Xavier Dolan For Louis Vuitton MosnarCommunications

We already learned that Louis Vuitton is preparing to focus on digital by hiring Ian Rogers the senior Apple executive who led the development of Apple’s Beats1 radio service and guided Apple’s online radio strategy.

As Dolan is set to release a new English movie starring Kathy Bates and Kit Harrington next year. This highlights the significance of building digital equity for a co-branding purpose by producing professional influential value. A Hollywood elite with a following of ultra wealthy fans and audience of mass enthusiast. A luxury branding dream come true.

Xavier Dolan For Louis Vuitton 2 MosnarCommunications

Louis Vuitton selecting Dolan as their new face advances strategic alliance for partnering with influential professionals who also bring to the table niche purpose target audience influences. A solution to build a much more sustainable luxury brand through co-branding alliances that have a purpose… This methodology is the same type of marketing strategies luxury brands use when sponsoring events.

Finally, the luxury industry is waking up!

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