By now all the world knows that Kim Kardashian West has finally returned to social media. What the world may not know is that Kim appears to be “Bible” against social media. If you speak Kardashian language you’ll know that “Bible” is their code statement for truth and immense change.

Kim returned to social media in digital design reform. She updated her website to center around her logo the initials “KKW” making a huge transformation from her personal brand. 

Kim Kardashian West KKW

Kim Kardashian West KKW Mosnar Communications

The entire website is so Gucci, forgive me for speaking in Kardashian yet again. However, KKW is rocking Gucci’s bubblegum pink lit hue as the primary website color. This would have to be so Kim’s idea…okay I can’t stop speaking Kardashian, I confess she was truly missed by me, too! 

New Website Makeover

Ever the digital marketing genius KKW features a family home video. That received immense social sharing and tons of digital website features! 

There are even new support instructions for how-to use KKW website! It’s all about the digital marketing now. You must login “signup” to access the KKW too die for content baby… Welcome back Queen Of Media! 

Can’t wait to see what’s planned on KKW agenda for a digital calendar of events. Remember everything is an event with Kardashians. 

Seriously, Kim never ever go away again! 

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