Guest blogging is now completely over, so please stop begging to write guest posts. This places a really bad stigma attached to luxury brands, as everyone you meet is also a potential luxury shopper or future customer. The old way of guest blogging is no longer anymore. To be featured on popular luxury blogs and websites you will need to bring something of “influential value” to the table creating a win-win benefit. 

When a influential luxury blogger is approached about guest blogging, the first thought is always “what’s in it for me?” for financial gain. Gone are the days when bloggers were so starved for traffic that they merely “accepted guest blogging content” in efforts to generate traffic for credibility or recognition. Top luxury blogs are now very powerful influential platforms.

This now means that your pitch approach should be done very differently. Can luxury brands still get featured on best luxury blogs without paying for sponsored content?

Sure, it just takes a different approach and influencer marketing creativity. Stop coming off first as if the “guest blogging content” is doing the luxury blog a huge favor. Remember “paid sponsored content” is accepted over guest blogging content much more these days. 

Luxury Guest Blogging Is Over

The competition is fierce where major luxury brands will be spending top dollars in 2017  for digital eyeballs. 

To pitch luxury bloggers for features this is what luxury brand managers must do:

Present Content Collaborations 

Seriously take the time to truly evaluate a luxury blog’s website platform niche. Present what type of content collaboration you would like to add for a beneficial influencer relationship. This needs to also be niche keywords driven, which is a key financial gain.

Cross-Reach Promotions 

Manuka Doctor teamed with Kourtney Kardashian as their Global Brand Ambassador. Kourtney herself has a huge amount of fans allowing for extreme cross-reach promotions.

A Kardashian style cocktail party, with all the Kardashian-Jenner cross-reach promotions a brand can handle!

The ability to cross-reach luxury audiences is always a win-win for content promotions. Email marketing influence is the perfect solution to build organic brand awareness. Offer luxury blogs cross-reach promotions through email databases, social media channels, luxury brand awareness etc.

Influential Expert Bio

Here The Honest Company teamed with Elixabeth Mathis! She is an actress, model, mommy and creator of the parenting site based on her life

Being an expert is the main factor for luxury blogs to determine “if they should” feature your content collaboration. Having an influential expert bio is necessary to gain sustainable credibility. 

Bring something of immense influential value to the table. Being an expert in a specific luxury niche is why luxury blogs will love featuring content over fluff guest blogging posts. 

While adding organic (not paid) promotions is super. All luxury brands will need to be everywhere too. Which also means that paid sponsored digital and social promotions will be necessary to generate revenue earnings. 

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