Many feel that luxury by definition is being defined wrong today. Is luxury good enough to be luxurious? 

That depends on the luxury niche, when referring to “fashion” luxury is in a state of disruption. Where luxury goods “origin” has always been centered around a brand’s heritage. 

Luxury Vs. Luxurious

How a luxury brand introduces storytelling in digital format is the next chapter. Technology is the key element for luxury fashion to thrive in a “See Now, Buy Now” demanding economy. 

The biggest problem today for most luxury brands is how-to keep luxury exclusive under these circumstances??

This is how luxury brands can keep up: 

  • Deliver efficiency through innovation offering superior technology. 
  • Luxury fashion brands will have to also transition into luxury tech brands to  keep up. 
  • All luxury brands will have to build relationships with “credible luxury websites and blogs” to expand their digital reach influence. 

These relationships will enhance influential value to sell more luxury goods for digital demand. 

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