Even Oprah can’t seem to let go of favorite things. After all it was her “Oprah’s favorite things” that made her a brand awareness sensation. So now after putting her favorite things on a shelve for two years she is gaining publicity buzz for brands once again. A group from The Conservatorium of Music in Fiji were chosen to unveil the final “Oprah’s Favorite Thing: 2012” gift to the unsuspecting group of military spouses. They entered the room singing in cultural attire and entertained the spouses, along with Oprah Winfrey, with a traditional spear dance. Amidst wild cheers and tears of joy, it was revealed that eight of the spouses had never had a honeymoon, and others had not been on a vacation with just their spouse in many years.

The show aired on November 23, 2012. www.Oprah.com/favoritethings

Now meet the luxury PR sponsors who made it all possible!

So who did what? Here is the run down…


Thanks to Lowe’s for helping us create our beautiful holiday sets. Lowe’s was our one-stop shop for the holidays!



Thanks to FedEx for helping us pack and ship Oprah’s Favorite Things to all the deserving recipients.


Southwest Airlines

Thanks to Southwest for flying our military spouses to Washington, D.C. We applaud you as one of the most honored airlines in the world!



Thanks to USAA for helping surprise our military spouses. USAA salutes our military and their families for their bravery, sacrifice and the freedom we have today.


Well done Oprah!

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