Flipboard Storyboard platform offers a new ad experience that enables brands to tell powerful and complete narratives using multiple native formats—stitching together articles, images, animated .gifs, video, and audio— to the social magazine’s 90 million monthly readers.

Flipboard gives people a single place to follow all of their interests. People use Flipboard to enjoy their favorite sources from around the world and then save stories, images, and videos into their own Flipboard magazines.

Flipboard Storyboard


See an example of a Flipboard Storyboard provided by SmartWool.

Sephora is among the first brand partners to roll out Storyboard campaigns, connecting with premium audiences while they’re engaging with stories about their passions and interests in a beautiful mobile environment.

Presented as a browsable carousel, Storyboard is an immersive and targetable storytelling experience that offers advertisers another effective way to take advantage of readers’ “Personal Primetime” on Flipboard: moments of engagement when people are more receptive to mobile advertising and branded content relevant to their interests. Flipboard’s research indicates that people are receptive to brand content if the brand is authentically connecting with the topic a person is interested in and the message is relevant to that person’s experience.

Flipboard Storyboard, a vehicle for both brand and editorial storytelling, will be presented as beautiful, full-bleed multipage carousel. Readers can swipe from right to left to follow a full story, introducing a new gesture on the platform. Flipboard’s proprietary algorithms extract branded content from multiple URLs and beautifully stitch individual items—ranging from articles, images, animated .gifs, video, and audio—together allowing brands to compose a complete narrative. This also means advertisers can run a Storyboard with existing creative assets, rather than creating new or unique content.

Combined with Flipboard’s proprietary Interest Graph technology, advertisers are able to target campaigns to readers based on their interests and deliver multimedia brand content in a relevant context like never before.

Download Flipboard for free in any app store or visit www.flipboard.com.

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