Are you just starting out trying to sell luxury goods from scratch? Please don’t get discouraged about the luxury marketplace. Well, you may feel like that’s easier said than done “when top luxury brands and retailers are suffering, right?”

The bad news is that luxury brands are failing horribly at luxury marketing. 

Not all bad, Moody’s Investors Service reports that high-end retailers’ earnings growth could nearly double in 2017, but is unlikely to return to the double-digit levels achieved in the 2010-13 period. 

Some good news for you is that luxury consumers buy exactly what they want! This a history lesson…

 Sell Luxury Goods From Scratch

Want to know the art to selling high-end products? It’s no secret, offer a benefit solution and your luxury goods will not only “sell super fast” but be in hot demand. Think like Apple, Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, etc.

No one ever buys a new iPhone because they needed one, when the old one was working perfectly fine. Yet still consumers manage to wait in lines for hours just to proclaim ownership of the next generation iPhone. 

Getting the newest  #KylieCosmetics Lip Kit because it’s the secret weapon to create the perfect “Kylie Lip” is not a need, it’s an obsession driven by just wanting something so badly! 

Now that you understand the true science of selling is “wealthy people buy exactly what they want” you can sell tons of luxury goods from scratch. When it comes to high ticket items price is never a setback in this specific niche. It’s often even an advantage and the more exclusive or limited the better…your target audience doesn’t even have to necessarily need the offer. They just have to want it, that’s all! Make them want it!

Here is the easy system formula that we use when consulting our clients and members of our subscription services to grow their luxury brands.   

Invent Want Demand 

Explain to the luxury consumer exactly why they should want your offer. What is it about your luxury offer that will provide a benefit solution to enhance their quality of life? 

Create Benefit Purpose 

Rich people absolutely love to learn how luxury goods can benefit their lifestyle. This is not a feature but a benefit purpose for “why they must have the offer” right now. A call to action to act fast. 

 Connect Emotion Feelings

The scarcity for fear of loss is an emotion feeling to act or miss out. Exclusivity is also an emotion to want in on something that is not for the masses. 

Are you ready to start selling more luxury goods starting right now?

It’s much easier today to make people envy what they can’t access or have, inventing a want for the luxury offer even more.

Today’s Bonus: (you came this far, you deserve a bonus!)

This is the blueprint for four easy to do task that will put you on the path to selling luxury goods.

Whenever we consult a new client after reviewing their website, digital footprint, email campaign, so on…this is where we find the biggest issues with their luxury brand purpose. Here is where they failed to create a benefit purpose.

The bonus today is applying “four action plan tasks” to correct simple  mistakes causing luxury goods to not sell at product launch. 


Identify what’s in it for the customer! List features for your offer that matters to an ideal client. Go deep with the lifestyle of the features and how the offer fits into luxury lifestyle. Allow the features to explain why the offer is worth having and they absolutely can’t pass on it. 


Determine how your offer is going to benefit the customer to achieve something, this should also enrich quality of life for the potential client. 


Explain the heritage origin of the offer, why it’s so exclusive or rare making it the ultimate luxury. An opportunity to buy into the brand’s purpose and create customer loyalty. 


Establish a sound bite for purpose and identity for the luxury brand’s offer benefiting the marketplace. It should curate a story-line for why the offer is superior in the marketplace. 

Enforcing these four simple methods can position your offer in the high net worth marketplace. This will quickly give you an overall advantage over competitors to gain market share through moving more product and driving more revenue! 

In the world of luxury the goal is to add value to quality of life, an selling technique to grow a new offer position demand…upward! 

Interested in going much deeper?? 

Today, you can download our MC Luxury and Digital Marketing Campaign Systems Checklist  hurry snatch your complimentary copy right now, before we close the doors. 

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