Luxury brand engagement is about being in the right place, exactly at the right time. Actually, the weekend is when a luxury brand can win the most engagements! 

Yes, when most luxury brands are off jet-setting (closed office) they miss out on the most important time to connect with their target audience. Also known as “potential customers” who will shop and buy luxury goods. 

Weekend Luxury Brand Engagement Makeover

Here is a quick fix that we implement on our consulting clients …just by implementing this one simply strategy, we show luxury brands how-to generate more leads! Did that get your attention ?? 

Saturday Showstopper

The best day for luxury brands to engage with consumers is on Saturday! 

“You know, the typical day that most luxury brands don’t engage at all!” 

I’m not talking about a tweet or pic on Instagram…I’m referring to true home court advantage. Creating a blog post or article on the company’s website. Remember social media is still not your company’s website. If your social media page shutdown how would you engage with customers? Something to seriously think about, your digital marketing strategy matters most. 

Saturday Engagement Timezone 

Set your calendar for 9 am EST to engage with consumers. This is the specific time that consumers will likely make the most comments on your site! 

Make sure to publish fresh content to your luxury blog on Saturdays at 9 am EST! 

This is the primary time to engage with potential customers and connect with them building brand loyalty. Ideal to influence immediate emotional buying…an alternative solution over social media engagement, where digital engagement is able to capture more leads and immediate purchases.

Timing rules to follow:

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