The most important review for every luxury brand in 2013 will be to make their brand influential. This is why brand awareness is a significant key resource for luxury brands to be relevant in the New Year.

In order for consumers to heart a specific luxury brand there must be a level of influence over how the brand’s value is perceived in the marketplace. Urgently, luxury marketers must continue to raise the level of their awareness approach. For instance every luxury brand should be focused on communications with their target audiences.

It is necessary to maintain an early presence for new luxurious products, services, and goods. Significantly, luxury brands must also continue to focus on maintaining a strategic plan and approach representing their lifestyle image.

Gucci Resort 2013


Here is where luxury brands should be focusing their concentration to become the most influential in 2013.

#1 Luxury Mobile Appearance

Luxury brands must establish mobile websites and Apps. This will be very influential to especially reach mobile local search audiences.  For luxury brands penetration into local markets will increase influence as well as sustainability.

In 2013, location influence will be the strongest factor to increase brand awareness and to remain influential.

#2 Luxury SEO Makeovers

New trends for luxury SEO makeovers will be to gain media exposure specifically through credible resources related to the luxury sector. Gain influence by promoting good editorial luxury content among top luxury blogs, portals, social media platforms, mobile resources and more. Thinking authentic and seeking to gain exposure in only credible luxury platforms will ensure superior search engine results.

#3 Luxury PR Campaigns Power Pitch

Essentially luxury brands must actively launch newsworthy luxury PR campaigns and pitch them to the best matched luxury media resources. It is time to get back to the basics of traditional PR through building relationships by promoting power pitches to gain influential control. is the leader in luxury PR and luxury media exposure. Please contact us in confidence for consideration at for assistance with luxury PR campaigns and power pitch promotions.

#4 Luxury Social Media Engagements

For 2013 maintaining social media engagement will be a high priority for luxury brands. Learn how-to leverage which social media networks are best effective to engage target audiences. Represent luxury lifestyle by engaging with audiences using social media as an interactive platform. The important thing to remember is that engagement must be consistent to create a digital brand influence using social media resources.

#5 Luxury Lifestyle Images

The most effective solutions to increase brand influence for 2013 will be to utilize luxury lifestyle images. As more luxury brands continue to focus on lifestyle the elements of painting a picture will control the influence of target audiences. It will be very important to invest considerably in professional photography presenting luxury lifestyle images.

#6 Luxury Diversity Influence

In 2013 the elephant in the room will be a factor for luxury brands that noticeably lack diversity representation. As luxury continues to grow among leading and emerging markets diversity influence will be necessary to expand influential awareness. Develop luxury diversity influence in campaigns, networking, and engagement to expand influential control.

To your success and may this be the most successful New Year for your luxury brand!

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