There is a new crave in the ultra luxury motors market. An unlikely fit for in the SUV market is the luxury car brand. Could this mean that luxury car brands are targeting soccer moms? Well, it appears that it is so and major luxury brands are jumping into the ultra luxury SUV market.

Luxury car brands launching SUVs

Bentley Motors SUV

12-cylinder engine and a picnic set with silver and Lalique crystal—could cost north of $180,000. For Bentley, the SUV project comes at an important juncture for the super luxury marque. The brand’s sales have climbed more than sevenfold since the launch of its second, “entry-level” Continental line nearly a decade ago at prices between $181,000 and $236,000.

Maserati SUV

Maserati is gearing up to introduce an aggressive worldwide dealer network expansion campaign, with the automotive producer set to double its dealers by the end of next year.

The move will allow the company to make the most out of the multiple new models the company wants to release. To be more precise, Maserati plans to be able to use about 500 showrooms when the new vehicles arrive, with the most important part of the expansion set to take part this year. CEO Harald Wester told Automotive News tha while the company sold under 6.200 vehicles in 2011, it plans to hit sales of 40,000 units in 2014 and 60,000 units in 2015.

 Lamborghini SUV

 Lamborghini’s upcoming SUV, which will be previewed soon by a concept version. As these renderings show, the unnamed five-door should have a coupe-like silhouette and extreme angular lines reminiscent of the Aventador. It will fit right into the sports-car manufacturer’s lineup—as much as an SUV can, anyway. This will be the second off-roader by the brand; the crudely styled LM002, an offspring of Lambo’s Cheetah military-vehicle project, was sold from the mid-1980s through the early ’90s.



  1. Awesome, Lamborghini SUV! Reminds me of the Porsche a little bit. Perfect way to travel if you need an SUV sized car.

  2. Besides its top design, quality interiors, high technology, comfort and convenience features like voice activation systems, ventilated seats, sophisticated climate controls, leather seats, power windows etc. a luxury suv is known for its unique style and comfort. All such brands look so cool.

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