Most new luxury brands will fail because they can’t penetrate the marketplace fast enough. In fact, about 50% of businesses fail in the first year and approximately 95% of businesses fail within five years. A greater problem for the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is that they often are out of touch with reality when it comes to marketing strategies. Which answers who marketing promotions are simply not working…

So how can you give your luxury brand that Brandlicity appeal? Inside the “Brandlicity: Memoir Self Help Guide How To Brand A Business” can help solve branding problems. The reason most businesses fail is because they are branded wrong. It might be time to re-evaluate your luxury brand using a Brandlicity approach.

In each section as a guidebook, you will learn to brand a business:

How-to Brand Approach

About Brand Names

Establishing Cool Brand Names

Understanding New Brand Names

How-to Brand A Product

Brand Manager Overview

Plus much more and unexpected .

The Brandlicity: Memoir Self Help Guide How To Brand A Business is available to borrow for Kindle Prime members at no charge.

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