Creating a new an historic and intimate shopping experience, Assouline, the internationally renowned American publisher of luxury lifestyle literary works, is excited to announce the launch of its first boutique in Venice at the extravagant BAUERs Hotel.




About Assouline

Renowned for its highly original graphic concept, Assouline creates the most sophisticated books in the world. The spirit and savoir-faire of the company have contributed to the creation of a unique and eclectic, chic and elegant brand that is immediately identifiable. Assouline has published over 1,200 titles across international markets on subjects including fashion, art, architecture and design, gastronomy, photography, travel, and lifestyle. The brand will be celebrating its 20-year anniversary at the end of the year. Assouline boutique locations include Paris, London, New York City, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Istanbul, Lima, Seoul and Kuwait City. For more information, please visit


Located on the ground floor of the historic BAUERs Hotel, the 40 square meters store gathers beautiful original wallpaper and decorative, exposed ceiling beams. Additions of Assouline-designed walnut bookcases and wall shelves, antique vintage table, and specially designed light fixtures make the store extremely chic and the books all glow very evenly.

2_BH - Hall

Designed to recall a luxurious wrapped gift, the new boutique will stock Assouline’s most in-demand volumes, from the Ultimate Collection (hand-crafted volumes ranging from $250 to $7000), to a selection of Assouline Vintage titles passionately curated by the founder of the company, Prosper Assouline.


About The BAUERs

The BAUERs is a privately owned group of hotels, one of the few in the world, that since 1880 has been a desirable destination in Venice, receiving political dignitaries, royalty, world celebrities, and those who appreciate elegance.

BAUERVeneziaGrandCanalBarT1The BAUERs Il Palazzo terrace

Francesca Bortolotti Possati


Owner and CEO of the BAUERs is Francesca Bortolotto Possati, a philanthropist and visionary who has taken a leading role in reviving the culture and vitality of Venice. Francesca has been an admirer of the collection of books that Assouline has published over the years and felt that this champion of luxury lifestyle would be a perfect fit at the BAUERs.

The BAUERs’ group is comprised of four properties, each with its unique ambience and charm. Two are located close to San Marco: the first one is L’Hotel Bauer, a luxury 5 star hotel, characterized by Art Deco style with a touch of contemporary; the second is Bauer Il Palazzo, an exclusive XVII Venetian palace facing the Grand Canal. The other two properties are located on Giudecca Island, which include: BAUER Il Palladio Hotel & Spa, a restored 16th century convent built by the famous architect Andrea Palladio. The newest property of the BAUERs is Villa F, a Renaissance villa that was restored and divided in to 11 independent apartments. Villa F has been for centuries home of noble Venetian families and, starting from the beginning of the 1900, a retreat for artists, actors and intellectual figures of the time.

This summer, enjoy the culinary charms at the BAUERs Venetian Garden Picnics, film screenings, and all fresco dining.

BPHS - garden restaurant


Francesca has made it her mission to rejuvenate thehidden secret gardens of Venice’s most prestigious properties. Drawing inspiration from classical Italian design and traditional English flowers, including the city¹s oldest magnolia tree, the garden blooms with fresh life while embodying its original Italian heritage.

The BAUERs Hotel provides guests with abundant opportunities to savor Itailan cuisine under the trees and amongst the spring flowers set to bloom, including lovely tulips, crocuses, and narcissuses. The summer bring beautiful lilacs, lily of the valley, freshly blossomed climbing white roses, and a lavender-lined pagoda that you cannot miss. Guests of Il Palladio may lounge in the garden’s glamour while enjoying delicious, prepared baskets al fresco style.  For a more hands-on experience, guests may also participate in cookery lessons offered by the hotel’s chefs, in which they will learn traditional culinary methods using fresh, classic Venetian ingredients from the delicious local Rialto market.

2_BPHS - Spa treatment room 2

For many, summer is all about family vacationing together, and the hotel garden provides the perfect open space for families with children. Mothers can enjoy a much-needed day to themselves being pampered at the refreshing hotel spa, while children frolic in the sunshine, green grass, and fresh air of the garden. At the idyllic garden, family is given a wonderful, unique opportunity for intimate bonding amid the bounty and beauty of trees and flowers.

The copious activities available to families staying at the BAUERs range from energetic, rugged, and athletic to relaxing, luxurious, and artistic. The outdoorsy family will enjoy recreations such as rowing and gondola lessons, or adventures aboard private boats to discover other hidden Venetian islands.  Those seeking rest and relaxation will luxuriate in garden massages beneath a linen tent under the breezy magnolia tree, and enjoy a picnic during outdoor screenings of classic English and International films, including Alice in Wonderland and Brideshead Revisited.  This summer, screenings will be offered both indoors, and outside in the garden.

And finally, my personal Assouline recommendation: ELIE SAAB … You will love it!

Sincerely Yours, Andrea



…What lies behind the tranquil smile of the ‘Couturier of Happiness’, who designs more than seven hundred haute couture dresses a year, employs hundreds of people, then, when you look at him in awe, says: ‘It’s only the beginning’…?


So recounts author Janie Samet, the iconic French editor who has spent over 50 years documenting Parisian haute couture, in the first comprehensive book dedicated to Elie Saab’s life and work. It begins with a closer look into his early beginnings and the main elements that have formed the ELIE SAAB magic along the way and throughout his thirty years in haute couture.

With visuals from the archives of ELIE SAAB as well as from the private archives of Elie Saab himself, other stunning photographs capture how his work as been brought to life by models, celebrities and princesses over the decades. Chapters include: Haute Couture: Dresses as Jewels, A Master Craftsman as well as Ready-to-Wear, Exceptional Moments, Princesses and Brides, Le Parfum and, of course, The Future …

Available to purchase in select ELIE SAAB boutiques, at Assouline stores and at


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