Barneys New York holiday window represents “Love Peace Joy Project” luxury campaign 2016. In the world’s current climate of chaos and divisiveness, Barneys New York brings back the ever-needed presence of Love, Peace and Joy at a time when it is most necessary.

Celebrated artists partnered with the retailer to create inventive interpretations of Love, Peace, and Joy, themes that continue to bring people together, especially during the holidays.

Barneys New York Holiday Window


Christmas in New York

The artists, who represent a wide range of styles and ideals, include visual and performance artist Nick Cave, contemporary artist Rob Pruitt, artist collective Studio Job, mixed media artist Ebony G. Patterson, and Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Comedy Central’s South Park.  In addition to embracing the joyful holiday season at its Madison Avenue flagship, Barneys New York also brings its famed sense of wit and surprise to holiday window culture downtown for the first time in nearly two decades at the new downtown flagship in Chelsea.

To further spread Love, Peace, and Joy, the retailer’s newly launched Barneys New York Foundation is debuting the #LovePeaceJoyProject, a crowdsourced social campaign to encourage audiences to share in the seasonal festivities while supporting charitable causes.

Evocative of the positive spirit found in Love, Peace and Joy, each artist interprets these themes in a unique and compelling manner.  The windows encompass the core aesthetic of each respective artist as the base, but then add another level of innovation that is unique to the Barneys New York partnership, entertaining the viewers with a dynamic viewpoint on Love, Peace and Joy.  Products from Studio Job and Nick Cave will also be available starting November 17th, with items ranging from custom lollipops, to silk scarves, and a bronzed stamp mirror.

This marks the fourth year that Christie® has collaborated on the Barneys New York holiday window displays, helping to actualize the creative concepts and bring the windows to life with advanced visual technology.  Christie is a global visual and audio technology company that is a leader in providing the world’s most advanced projectors, complete system displays, and cinema audio solutions.

Holiday Window

Nick Cave

barneys-new-york-madison-avenue-holiday-window-nick-cave-mosnar-communicationsBarneys New York has partnered with Chicago-based visual and performance artist Nick Cave to create a site-specific installation expressing Cave’s theme of Peace in the second Madison Avenue window, just south of the main entrance.  The window contains two main sculptures, each comprised of a second skin designed to conceal race, gender, and class, forcing the viewer to engage without judgment.  On the right, an elaborate one-of-a-kind Soundsuit, one of Cave’s signature sculptural works, is comprised of eight individual and elaborate objects.  On the left, a second form sits elevated in lotus pose behind one of Cave’s integrated headpieces, acting as both a collective funnel and filter for the energies, experiences and opportunities of the outside world. This headpiece is comprised of multi-colored wire mesh and bugle beads, and slowly rotates clockwise within the window, while the figure itself is entirely hand covered in buttons. An LED curtain hangs behind the walls to create kinetic light patterns, further aiding the other-worldly look of this window.  For the holiday season, select Barneys New York stores will also carry Cave’s SoundsuitShop branded line of products as part of this collaboration, including temporary tattoos, a water bottle, scarves, books, and more.

Rob Pruitt

barneys-new-york-madison-avenue-holiday-window-rob-pruitt-mosnar-communicationsRenowned contemporary artist Rob Pruitt has partnered with Barneys New York to give Madison Avenue pedestrians a tongue-in-cheek look into the Love themed bedroom of a cardboard monster couple.  Using classic motifs for which the artist is known – including gradient paintings, pandas, and cardboard monsters – Pruitt’s voice adds a level of wit and humor to this private family moment in the northern Madison Avenue window.  An homage to the iconic Love scene in “From Here to Eternity” plays on a loop on the chrome TV at the foot of the couple’s mechanical bed.  The backdrop of the couple’s bedroom features a kinetic LED degrede wall, which shifts gradient through the full spectrum, while Hokusai-style waves move using old school theatrics, representative of Pruitt’s use of simple materials to make fine art.  This is Pruitt’s third partnership with the brand.

Studio Job

barneys-new-york-holiday-window-love-peach-joy-project-mosnar-communicationsJob Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of Studio Job partnered with Barneys New York to design the third Madison Avenue-facing window, just north of the main entrance to the retailer’s uptown flagship.  Focusing on Love as their theme, Studio Job took inspiration from the iconic 1970s TV show “The Love Boat,” and created an extravagant 7 foot boat comprised of dozens of hand-crafted parts.  Each of the parts are a piece of art in themselves, but they come together to form a tour de force in the Barneys New York window.  Partnering with We Are Prism, Elliot Kealoha Blanchard’s award-winning design and animation studio, James Bond-style silhouettes of people kissing – alternating between two men, a man and woman, and two women – are projected onto the boat to highlight Love.  Drawing from ideas of Dadaism and Surrealism, Studio Job and Barneys New York encompassed kinetic claws pinching, arms rowing, keys turning, and gears moving all in unison.  Additionally, viewers can identify a rabbit, neon rainbow, lips, fish, and more throughout the rest of the boat, all hand-painted in a joyful rainbow of colors.  Five bronze pieces of fine art from the Studio Job Gallery will be available for sale in the Barneys New York Madison Avenue flagship, including a Steve McQueen Porsche, a diamond, a nose, a spoon door knocker, and a stamp-shaped mirror.

In addition to the window, Studio Job also designed Barneys New York Love Peace Joy Project signature graphic that is used throughout the holiday project.  Drawing from the motifs of the overall campaign, Studio Job created a pattern comprised of peace signs, smiling lips, rainbows, doves, roses, and sunshine in a myriad of bright colors.  This graphic will be used in all Barneys New York flagship locations for windows, in-store visual displays, holiday product, and hangtags on Barneys New York shopping bags.  Product incorporating this logo includes placemats, coasters, ornaments, patches, children’s t shirts, puzzles, and more.

Ebony G. Patterson (Downtown)

barneys-new-york-downtown-window-ebony-g-patterson-mosnar-communicationsJamaican-born Ebony G. Patterson is known for her use of bright, highly-adorned, mixed media installations that reflect on marginalized people in the current culture.  This holiday season, she has brought her signature style to the northern window of the Downtown flagship on 7th Avenue in Chelsea.  In her Love themed collaboration with Barneys New York, Patterson highlights the idea that “to love someone, you have to be able to see them.  To give compassion, one has to give acknowledgement.”  Patterson and Barneys New York captured videos of 15 native Jamaican adults and children, reciting the phrase, “See me.”  Christie used advanced projection solutions, media servers and technical expertise to 3D projection map the videos onto mannequins in the window, illuminating the faces when they are speaking, and reverting back to a pattern that camouflage the mannequins against the background when they are quiet, representing how people blend into the background when they are not being heard.  This is the first time that Barneys New York has used projection mapping to animate faces, and each mannequin’s body is ornamented with original hand-made outfits of patterned, jeweled-encrusted fabrics designed by Patterson and made by Chris Pablo.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Comedy Central’s South Park

trey-parker-and-matt-stone-of-comedy-centrals-south-park-mosnar-communicationsBarneys New York collaborated with Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Comedy Central’s South Park to design a visual homage to the iconic show in celebration of its 20th Anniversary season in the southern window on Madison Avenue.  Using a composition created by Stone and Parker exclusively for this project, three-dimensional versions of Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and some of the other iconic characters talk amongst themselves while eagerly gazing through a mini holiday window display within the Barneys New York window.  These unique and rare three-dimensional forms are brought to life using 3D projection mapping by Christie, which animates their faces and allows them to engage with one another within the window.  The window celebrates traditional holiday sentiments in a manner that is true to Stone and Parker’s humorous and subversive tone.

We Are Prism Featuring Honnda (Downtown)

barneys-new-york-downtown-holiday-window-we-are-prism-featuring-honnda-mosnar-communicationsFor the southern downtown window, Barneys New York has partnered with We Are Prism, Elliot Kealoha Blanchard’s award-winning design and animation studio, to create a custom video representing Love, Peace, and Joy.  Bright kaleidoscopic colors, animation and abstracted video footage will be incorporated to create a visual style piece representative of the joyful holiday season using Barneys New York’s signature whimsical tone.  The video will be displayed on two 80 inch screens playing the film on a staggered loop, accompanied by an original track by Honnda, a Brooklyn-based video and audio artist.

In celebration of the newly launched Barneys New York Foundation, the #LovePeaceJoyProject promotes the spirit of charitable giving for the holiday season by harnessing the power of the social media community.  Kicked off by Amy Schumer and Russell Westbrook on November 16th, the #LovePeaceJoyProject encourages audiences to share a photo of themselves forming a heart with their thumbs and forefingers to represent Love, making a Peace sign, or jumping for Joy.  With each post, the Barneys New York Foundation is pleased to raise awareness and provide a $5.00 donation for Schumer and Westbrook’s charities.  Amy Schumer and stylist Leesa Evans’ STYLEFUND is aimed at the cultivation of personal well-being by guiding women on how to find their individual style and silhouette to create true confidence.  The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation inspires the lives of children, empowering them to ask “Why Not?” and teaching them to never give up.

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