Luxury digital marketing influencers will compete against social media bloggers in 2017! The primary prize at stake is to capture attention from “luxury consumers” to attract more luxury brands for content sponsorship on mobile digital website platforms. 

This battle has been hidden somewhat in secrecy for awhile, it’s the “luxury digital marketing Influencers” who stand to gain the most financial increase in 2017. As luxury brands have just now decided to start focusing on their digital marketing efforts. 

Luxury consumers buy more luxury goods from visiting digital marketing websites. This would mean that luxury brands stand to gain more promotional influence benefits by introducing holiday campaigns on digital luxury blogs and luxury website platforms.

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Introducing Burberry Holiday Campaign 2016


It has already been revealed that fashion bloggers with enormous amounts of social media followers were hired by “luxury brands” for sponsored content features. 


Many times luxury brands would pay as much as 100k or more for a single social media promotion from a fashion blogger. The rules were set at targeting specific fashion bloggers with social media accounts that gained in the area of million plus fans and followers. 

The biggest problem is a large majority of social media accounts maintained by fashion bloggers target the masses. In other words, those who can’t afford to buy offers from luxury brands. What makes luxury exclusive is because it’s not for the masses and should not be promoted as accessible to everyone. 

Social media bloggers will need to work on improving their digital marketing value. Where they have focused more on gaining social media followers and devoted very little attention to their own digital marketing website performance.


Luxury Digital Marketing Influencers

Many fashion bloggers have transformed into luxury digital marketing platforms. For example The Blonde Salad  by Chiara Ferragni now offers a Shop section to buy goods online.


Luxury digital marketing influencers will need to understand how to price their sponsorship offer to luxury brands. 

Where many luxury digital marketing influencers “don’t charge” for coverage at all. Allowing guest posts in exchange for content to feature on their digital marketing website platform.  

Luxury brands must come to terms that features on “luxury blogs” will cost as much as social media bloggers.

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Today more than half of all traffic to a luxury brand web site comes from search. Luxury brands who want to sell more luxury goods must start to also focus on organic influencer marketing PR and collaboration engagement. 

For luxury digital marketing influencers they must learn to value their “luxury blog” website platform differently. The fact that luxury brands right now need luxury digital marketing influencers for their luxury blog website value is a major shift. 

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When it comes to sponsored content on luxury digital marketing website platforms these are the matrix to consider:

  • Digital Platform Age (How long the website has been around).
  • Mobile Friendly Viewing – Must be compatible with mobile devices.
  • Top Search Engine Keywords (Which target keywords send traffic to the digital website).
  • Digital Syndication Inclusion – What other digital media outlets curate content exposure from the digital website platform.
  • Bounce Rate – Measurement for how long visitors remain on the digital website before leaving or bouncing.
  • Daily Page Views Among Visitors – How many pages do visitors view per visit.
  • Daily Time Spent On Digital Platform By Visitors – What’s the average length of stay on the digital website platform.

Luxury digital marketing influencers will need to understand their major value at this moment. They must charge rates inline with the influential value that luxury brands will receive through collaboration engagement.

The value of a featured or sponsored post from a credible luxury blog just skyrocketed! 

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