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Why Australia Is The New Hot Luxury Brand Market Down Under

Luxury brands are looking to explore Down Under as the next hot luxury market. Because Australia also has such lucrative ties to Asia luxury brands are seeking to cash in. Dior opened their first flagship store in Australia. Other popular luxury brands already had Australia on their radar with Miu Miu, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci and …

Luxury Branding Paris Haute Couture 100 Dresses, Suits, and Gowns

The Hôtel de Ville presents “Paris Haute Couture” exhibition highlighting Parisian couture houses. Dating back first to the mid-19th century focusing on 100 dresses, suits, and gowns on show. Without question when you think of Haute Couture, Paris will come to mind. Paris is rich in fashion legacy able to survive a decline in the …