Influencer promotions is the new black for luxury digital marketing. For those luxury brands needing to improve upon their “digital marketing resume” this is very exciting news.

As an influencer where should luxury brands start? 

First off, social media promotions is not the path to making a luxury brand influential. This also solves the problem for why paid and sponsored social media promotions don’t necessarily create influence to buy luxury goods online. 

Influencer Luxury Digital Marketing


It still takes digital marketing for luxury brands to influence luxury shoppers to purchase online or even before buying in-store. Where six out of ten luxury purchases originate from digital marketing strategies. 

Luxury brands need influencer collaborations to earn credibility and respect. 

When it comes to being an influencer there are two variations:

  • Influencer platform 
  • Influencer individual 

For example is an influencer marketing PR platform. With a concentration in luxury and digital marketing campaign trends. A go-to destination for luxury shoppers and luxury professionals for staying informed and knowledgeable.


Well known fashion bloggers are influencers especially among attracting a strong “social Media audience” following. 

As more luxury brands shift to focus on digital marketing, in efforts to sell more luxury goods online. The need for influencer digital marketing niche website platform collaborations will also start to increase.

In the past, luxury brands paid fashion bloggers as much as $100k for social media promotions mentions. 

Next up we will start to see more luxury digital marketing strategies. There are various ways a luxury brand can work with niche influencer website platforms. 


Luxury brands can partner with niche online websites that have influencer marketing credibility. Especially, when it comes to targeting online audiences they would like to connect with.

Digital Marketing Collaborations 

It’s going to be more about online digital clout and website traffic particularly attracting an “online mobile friendly” audience. 

Content Marketing Collaborations 

Luxury brands should circulate series of content marketing on niche websites for digital marketing exposure. The ideal solution to setup for selling more luxury goods, products, and services essentially online or in mobile friendly environments. 

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