Luxury advertising is pushing limits to challenge fake news stories, introducing controversy branding. So it appears that controversy branding is a real big deal in luxury advertising at the moment and many emerging luxury brands can even use it to capture brand awareness engagement.

Luxury Advertising


French luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent enforced controversy branding to a new luxury advertising campaign. Inclusion of “sexual diversity” featuring androgynous and gender-nonconforming models in risque situations.

Equinox gym brings back one of their most controversial luxury advertisements. The luxury fitness club is looking to drive December revenue earnings with controversy branding and breastfeeding in their luxury advertising. 


Luxury fashion brand Endi Martin picks up the controversy branding of “Black Panther” editorial theme. Where Beyoncé introduced Black Panther imagery during Super Bowl 50 in February.

The Black Panther is a first launch from Endi Martin.




It will be up to luxury advertising agencies to make sure that luxury advertising is authentic and resonates. Fake news websites are websites that publish hoaxes, propaganda, or disinformation to increase web traffic through sharing on social media. Unlike news satire, where humor is the object, fake news websites seek to increase their traffic by knowingly circulating false stories. Fake news websites have promoted misleading or factually incorrect information concerning the politics of several countries including: Germany, Indonesia and the Philippines, Sweden, China, Myanmar, Italy, France, Brazil, Australia, India, and the United States. Many of the false news sites are hosted in Russia, Macedonia, Romania, and the U.S.

As controversy branding continues to gain interest through luxury advertising, luxury brands must make sure that they also keep their content realistic and not fluff like fake news.

Tell us what you think..Are you luxury brands properly engaging luxury consumers with their advertising campaigns? 

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