Meet the real Rich Kids Social Network who don’t want to ball with the masses. Their digital marketing membership campaign promotes online exclusivity. You could be a member “if it is not too much for you” that is if you can afford an easy thousand dollar membership in Euros of course.

In their own words “Everyone can have an account on Instagram, but only really rich can afford their profile here, keeping Rich Kids exclusive.” 

Rich Kids Social Network


By joining Rich Kids social network you will gain new followers that could never find you among the millions of users on Instagram. This social network connects rich kids to enjoy the exclusive attention well deserved.

Consider this an app for the young Pentamillionaires or anyone young (or kid at heart) and worth over $5 Million Dollars.


There is a very smart digital marketing strategy associated the Rich Kids offer, which we talked about earlier in top five future of luxury 2017 trends to copycat.

When joining Rich Kids you get to associate with a self-actualization for being faster, smarter and more exclusive than others. As well as purchasing a luxury offer that can  make the world a better place.

Yes, seriously as a member of Rich Kids one-third of your membership is donated to charities helping kids living in poverty to study. With proper education, they have a chance for a better life.

This might be the most disruptive smartest digital marketing move for a luxury offer this year! 

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